Virus & Spyware Removal

If the worst happens and your computer gets infected with Malware (Virus, Spyware or Adware etc) then bring it in to us and let us get your computer back up and running.

Useful information about protecting your computer

Antivirus Protection
An Antivirus program continually monitors all files/websites that you access on your computer and looks for known and suspect looking files. It is continually updated with definitions, which include details on the latest viruses that are ‘out in the wild’ and are often updated on an hourly basis as new viruses are discovered.

We offer a managed Antivirus which means we can monitor it for you, ensuring that your computer is safe from known viruses.

Windows and third-party updates
A lot of malware leverage off known exploits within the Operating System (Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX etc.) and third-party applications (examples are Abobe Reader, Java, Firefox and Chrome). For the most part, these are continually being updated to fix/patch these exploits, so it is extremely important to keep your computer updated.

We offer managed services which automatically monitors and updates Windows and third-party applications, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your computer(s) is fully updated. If you need more information regarding this please contact us.

If the worst does happen it's important to have a safety net, and that net is reliable backups!

Data loss can happen as a result of many things such as malware, hardware failure, corrupt updates, force majeure or accidental deletion.

We offer a New Zealand based cloud backup service which backups up your data automatically, so you have peace of mind that if the worst does happen your data is safe and secure offsite.