Free IT Audit

Just In Tech is your local Hawkes Bay Managed Services Provider (MSP). Our free IT audit gives you an overview of your current tech and will help identify where you can improve on your security and tech productivity.

Why should you get an audit?

As a business owner or manager it's important to have a good understanding where your IT health is at. This helps prevent any unexpected tech costs and helps maximise staff productivity

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This IT Audit's aim is to give you a clear overview of where your IT as it is at the moment.

It should only take an hour of your time and for best results we would need to install an agent on each of the machines to pull the relevant information. If this is not possible we can manually compile the information but it will not be as comprehensive or accurate as using our agent.


The three main areas in the free audit includes (but not limited to):


  • List all your computers so you have a clear idea which ones (if any) are due to be upgraded.
  • Check all versions of Windows/ OSX etc are up to date.
  • Check you are using appropriate network devices (Firewall / Switches) and they are all current.

Policies and Procedures

  • Check what IT policies and procedures are in place for:
    - Staff entry / exit
    - Staff remote workers
    - IT equipment destruction
  • End user training


  • Check if your Malware is current, up to date and fit for purpose.
  • Check Windows update policies.
  • Check third party application update policies.
  • Ensure appropriate security settings are enforced on all machines
  • Ensure appropriate security settings are enforced on cloud based services such as Microsoft 365 and G-Suite

Where to after the audit?

We would love to look after your technology so check out our Managed Services page to see what we can offer.

You can also use the audit to ensure that your current provider is doing what they say they are and keep their services, it's totally up to you.

It is not a fully comprehensive audit and is only to give you an idea of where your IT health lies, if you need a more comprehensive audit please contact us for pricing.