Please complete this form to the best of your ability and contact us on 06 843 8363 if you need any assistance. Once this form has been completed it will redirect you to a page with information on packaging up your media device including a courier address label for you to print off.

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Please provide as much information in this section as possible as it will increase the chances of a successful recovery.
In the description of problem please include any observations that you've made on how the failure may of occurred for example there may have been a power failure, it happened after you installed some software or after the device was knocked or dropped, the device is making an abnormal noise etc
Please list any critical files here including as much information as possible on the file(s), such as file name, folder location and the date the file was created or modified.
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Just In Tech Ltd is not liable for any further data loss, we will however take all precautions to prevent further data loss.