Computer WoF and Tune-up Service

Like a car it's important that your computer is regularly checked to make sure it is running as it should and for $70* we do a 9 point check and tune-up on your computer to give you peace of mind.

Normally all these checks would take over two hours but we have specialised tools that automate most of them making this process quicker and more cost effective.

These include:

  • Hardware health **
  • Operating system up to date ***
  • Third party programs up to date ***
  • Junk/temp files clean up
  • Optimisation of Operating System
  • Backup solution in place
  • Antivirus installed
  • Malware check ****
  • Logon password & UAC (User Account Control) set
  • Any recomendations that we have based on the checks

Click on the button to go to our job booking system where you will need to add in your contact details. We will be in touch soon to arrange a time.

WoF Sample report

WoF & Tune-up sample report


* The $70 rate is based on a half hour charge and is available only via remote connection, so you need to have a working Internet connection and the computer needs to be online.

** Hardware health can only be checked at that point in time and does not guarantee that the hardware will not fail at a later point due to unforeseen circumstances such as power issues, physical movement of PC or force majeure etc.

*** Windows and Third Party applications updates can be release on a monthly basis, so you need to ensure that these are regularly checked. Most applications will prompt you to update so it is important that you let do this.

**** If Malware is detected there may be an additional charge to remove depending on the complexity, we will automatically remove any basic to medium complex malware as part of the WoF. If reinfection occurs there may be additional charges to remove.