Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Is your Business ready for the unexpected? From time to time it is unavoidable that systems do go down, this could be caused by a power outage, natural disaster ,fire/theft or Malware such as the Cryptolocker virus. By using a combination of our services you can have peace of mind that you are fully prepared for anything that may happen.

Are you Prepared?

We will help you through all the steps

  1. Know your Business
    We will help you to identify the key areas in your business so we can prioritise areas to focus on when we formulate the plan.
  2. Assess the Risk
    What are the most likely events that could interrupt your business operations, what plans are already in place? For example backup solutions, SLAs with key service, hardware and software providers.
  3. Formulate the Plan
    Using the information gathered in steps 1 and 2 we will formulate an easy to understand plan that can easily be followed even in stressful circumstances.
  4. Test the Plan
    Even the best laid out plans can fall flat when under pressure, so we will work with you key staff members to ensure that they are comfortable with the BCP and can run through scenarios.

Datto Backup

Just In Tech are a Datto channel partner which brings you an end to end backup solution to backup your critical data onsite for ease of access but then have the added protection of have the backups automatically syncronised to the cloud.

MSP Backup

MSP Backup is specifically designed for our managed clients, we're monitoring your servers and PC's so add in the backup option and we can monitor using our single pane of glass system I.e. our analysts are actively monitoring your systems and can see if there's any issues and proactively resolve them without interfering with your days work.

For more information please check out our MSP (Managed Services Provider) page.