Are you prepared if you get hit by Ransomware?

Is your Business ready for the unexpected? From time to time it is unavoidable that systems do go down, this could be caused by a power outage, natural disaster ,fire/theft or Malware such as the Cryptolocker virus. By using a combination of our services you can have peace of mind that you are fully prepared for anything that may happen. Get a Backup…
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Hotel, Motel and Secure Public Wireless Solutions

Providing reliable WiFi access to guests/customers is now essential and most guests expect this service to be reliable and in most cases free. Whether starting from scratch or moving from 3rd party "Hotspot" provider that charge for guests/customers to use their internet connection our Enterprise WiFi System will have you covered. Some of the features are:…
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Keeping IT safe in 2018

Now that we are heading back to work it is timely to write up an article going through how you can keep your computer(s) and precious data safe and secure. 2017 was an interesting year with a steady increase of complex attacks on business and home users. Unfortunately, it appears this trend will continue in…
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