Windows XP end of life on April 8 2014

Microsoft is no longer going to be supporting Windows XP on April 8th 2014. This means there will be no security updates released after this date for Windows XP so you will be leaving your company/computer open for attack.

Just In Tech can provide various options to help you move on from Windows XP and as always we’re about providing the best option for our clients as you all have different requirements/needs. (SBS 2003 support is also ending on April 8 2014 which I will cover separately)

Some of those options including pros and cons are:

  • Upgrade your current computer(s) to windows 8.1
    + Lowest Cost option (under $250)
    + Files are automatically copied across
    –  Need a suitably spec’ed machine (Dual Core CPU and 2GB RAM)
    –  Need to reload applications
  • Purchase a refurbished Computer which will typically come with Windows 7 Pro
    + Still a low cost option (under $550)
    + Upgrade your hardware
    + A lot of businesses would prefer to go with Windows 7 than Windows 8 and this is a cheap way to get an upgraded machine and Operating System
    – Still older hardware, but generally reliable as business grade machines
    – All applications and files need to be re-installed and copied accross
  • Purchase a new computer ($1000 +)
    + Getting the latest technology
    + Prices of computer have come down, so you do get more for your money
    + Up to 3 years next day on site warranty so gives you peice of mind
    + Most vendors give you the option of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
    – All applications and files need to be re-installed and copied across

For more information please contact us or visit the Microsoft website here: