Windows 10 Preview

Fired up Windows 10 Preview as a virtual machine today to check out the changes, here’s the notable changes that I’ve come across so far.

1. Of course the most notable change will be the start menu which is now a cross between the Windows 7 and Windows 8 metro start menu. Not too bad but I’ve been using Start8 so not a huge jump forward for me.



The key thing is here is that Microsoft are moving away from the Metro interface and returning to their true Windows form, of course they can’t completely revert as a lot of software s been developed for the Metro interface which now is displayed in a window as you can see with the XBOX Games application below.



2. Virtual¬†Desktops – Been around for quite some time on Linux distros and while a great concept in reality it won’t be used that much by end users. Basically this allows users to have isolated desktops that they can switch between, for example have a “work” and “after hours” desktop that they can switch between.



3. Log off, restart and shutdown is again where it should be! They have returned these to the “start menu” so now it’s as it used to be.


I’ll be testing it more extensively over the next couple of weeks and will be reporting issues and change requests to Microsoft as this is the purpose of a preview release. Microsoft will change Windows 10 based on our feedback now and they are heading in the right direction so it will be interesting to see how Windows 10 pans out.

If you have any questions just let me know.