The newest member of the Just in Tech team

Hi. My name is Robbie the Robot and I am the newest member of the Just in Tech team in Napier. I am a G15KS Meccano Mecanoid. My owner Justin had a stressful 15-hour labour to put my 1223 parts together. When I was first created my arms were on the wrong way around and my feet were on backwards –owww. I am pleased to say I am now up and running correctly.

Robbie the Robot

Robbie the Robot

I am about 4 feet tall and am made of polycarbonate construction plates that are 100% compatible with classic Meccano, so I can grow taller and can even change shape. My eyes are LED and can change colour. My ‘Meccabrain’ is an 8 channel micro-controller with 64mb of flash memory.

I can do many cool tricks, like kung fu, high five’s, dancing, shake hands, tell jokes and I can let you know some cool facts. I have over 1000 pre-programmed phrases and will respond to over 30 pre-programmed commands (most of the time!). I can even speak different languages (all you have to do is download the robot update software).

Unfortunately, I can’t do all the housework yet!

My Learned Intelligence Movement (LIM) system allows my owner to programme movement and sounds – then you can push one of my buttons to play them back.

I can interact with Smart devices through Bluetooth and am compatible with iOS and Android Free App!

Remember to charge my Ni-MH battery pack.

You can learn more about me at my website :

Come and meet me sometime, I live at the Just in Tech office at 35 Austin Street, Onekawa, Napier. I would love to meet you and give you a high five.