Windows 8.1 Preview

Looks like us Kiwis are going to be the first to get Windows 8.1 by a whole 4 hours, 12:00am on October 18th. Now New Zealand has another claim to fame… L&P,  Pineapple Lumps and best buddies with Microsoft 😉

Anyway here’s a few screenshots from the preview I have just installed

Starting up – Now we have a nice fish to watch as Windows loads up

Start Screen – Still looks the same as Windows 8


Start Menu – They have brought back the familiar Start Menu button to your standard desktop, but clicking on it just takes you back to the Start Screen so still not ideal

Finally a useful addition to the start menu – If you right click on the start button you can access some useful options, namely “Shut down”

Internet Explorer upgraded to 11 – Seems pretty quick, the browsing experience is better than on my Windows 8 and 7 machines