Joining two offices via Point to Point Wireless

Project Scope

This project involved connecting two offices together that where about 200m apart so running physical cables would have been cost prohibited due to having to trench the cable, and getting consent from the properties that were in-between.

Case Study 1


Both Offices had a line of site view of one another, although due to a belt of trees between them the line of site was from the second stories only. So an option was using point to point wireless devices to connect the two offices together.

To achieve this we used two Ubiquiti Nano Stations and mounted them on the second story of each building, this required the use of a scissor lift and then configuring and aligning the two Nano Stations so that they could communicate with each other.

Both Nano Stations where connected to a switch via a POE Injector (Power over Ethernet) to provide power to both devices.

Case Study1 NetworkOnce both Nano Stations where connected to the office switches all of the computers in site B could connect to the Server located in Site A and could connect out to the Internet.