Ice Cream Sandwich is here for Galaxy S2 owners

I’m sure there are loads of changes under the hood and admittedly my S2 feels a little quicker with ICS but I’m going to show you some of my favorite changes.

1. Google Chrome

So far this is the best browsing experience I’ve had on a mobile device, it automatically synchronises all of your bookmarks and any tabs that are open on your desktop.

ICS Chrome

2. Data usage meter

Nice easy way to track your data usage, ok you can get 3rd party apps but it’s nice to have it built in.

ICS Data usage

3. Face unlock

Now you can unlock your phone via the forward facing camera. This is a complete gimmick and not very secure but great to have a play around with.

ICS Face unlock

4. Finally animated screen rotation

Ok so the iPhone has had this for a long time and it really doesn’t add any functional value to the device, but it looks cool