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The cost estimate shall be provided after receipt of the hardware and following an initial review of the condition of the media. Should the cost estimate to recover the data be insufficient, Just In Tech Ltd will notify the client in writing via Email, or via phone should additional time or charges apply prior to the commencement of additional work. Work will not continue until approval of the additional time has been granted and authorised by the Client.


I agree to pay Just In Tech Ltd all amounts owing prior to the release of the data and/or the media. These charges shall be paid by direct debit, Visa, MasterCard (via our payment gateway), or pre-authorised Purchase Order. Late payments shall be subject to interest at 2.5% per month. I agree that payment in full must be received by Just In Tech Ltd prior to release of any data.


I acknowledge that the media/hardware may be damaged prior to arriving at Just In Tech Ltd. Although best efforts are made, I will not hold Just In Tech Ltd responsible for damage in transit, either to or from our facility. I further acknowledge that the recovery process may damage the hardware or data during the recovery process and that no liability is being assumed by Just In Tech Ltd.


Any media/hardware left at Just In Tech Ltd for longer than 30 days without any communication from the client will be deemed as been abandoned and Just In Tech Ltd will dispose of the hardware/media in the appropriate manner.