As you may have heard in the news there has been a large scale cyber attack targeting Windows machines in the last 48 hours. There haven’t been any reported incidents in New Zealand yet and security researchers have found a kill switch. With the work week starting I feel it’s important that we are all aware and stay vigilant in the coming weeks.

Here’s a few points to remember when opening emails:

  • Is the email expected – Are you expecting an email from this recipient? Sometimes legitimate email accounts can be hacked and the hacker sends emails to their recipients.
  • Links in emails – Hackers often send emails that look like they are from your bank or similar. Be sure to check the link by hovering over it with your mouse. This is known as ‘phishing’.
  • Email attachments – Never open an unknown attachment, and even from people you know and trust, always scan for malware before opening.

Specifically, on May 12, 2017 a new strain of the Ransom.CryptXXX (WannaCry) strain of ransomware began spreading widely impacting a large number of organisations, particularly in Europe.

Wcry is demanding a ransom of $300 to $600 USD in Bitcoin to be paid by May 15, or, in the event that deadline is missed, a higher fee by May 19. The messages left on the screen say files will remain encrypted. It’s not yet clear if there are flaws in the encryption scheme that might allow the victims to restore the files without paying the ransom.

If you have yet to install the Microsoft fix—MS17-010— you should do so immediately (Please note that our managed clients machines have been patched). You should also be extremely suspicious of all e-mails you receive, particularly those that ask the recipient to open attached documents or click on Web links.

If you need help implementing better security practices in your business, give us a call at 06 8438363 or email

As we all know emails are a essential form of communication and when it goes down it can affect multiple areas of your business such as client contact, supplier contact and the sending of invoices so it can cripple your business.

It is important that you have a reliable email system with the appropriate SLAs (Service Level Agreements) in place, this is where Microsoft Office 365 comes in, as it brings their enterprise email system to the cloud and makes it affordable through their monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Some of the financial benefits to a cloud based system are:

  • No upfront hardware costs for onsite servers.
  • No server maintenance costs (this includes Windows updates, Antivirus/Spam definition updates).
  • One off set up cost to set up, migrate emails to Office 365 and to configure all of your devices.
  • No surprise bills to pay as you have a known and set monthly or yearly invoice.

As well as the financial benefits there are features that can improve business productivity, such as:

  • Access email, contacts and calendars easily on multiple devices such as laptop, mobile and tablet and they stay perfectly in sync.
  • Shared mailboxes, calendars, contacts and tasks. Some practical examples of this are:
    • Shared staff holiday calendar
    • Secretary can managed multiple calendars
    • Have a central contacts list

If you have any questions or wish to discuss options please call us on 06 8438363.



Office 365 Business Plans

Office 365

Office 365 Enterprise Plans

Office 365 Enterprise


Scams are becoming more prevalent and one of the main mediums the scammers are using is via email, so here’s a few tips to stay safe when emailing, some are obvious but then  again most scammers are counting on a slip up and hopefully this list will help you out.

  1. Don’t give out your email address unless it is to a trusted, work-related site. Hackers often target sites with address lists for them to send phishing emails out to.
  2. Hover over links in emails before clicking – even if they appear to be typed out correctly, the text is a separate property to the hyperlink.Example screenshot:
  3. Only open mail or attachments that you are expecting or recognise. Remember that email addresses can get hacked and emails can be sent out to everyone on their contact list so even if you recognise the contact it may still be a phishing email.
  4. Make sure you are a recipient in the “To:” list. Don’t trust if you are BCC’d.
  5. When using sensitive credentials in a web browser, always make sure the site address bar is green, and that the address starts with https:Example screenshot:

Often with phishing emails, the credentials are collected in a database, and the hackers wait for the dust to settle before using the information they have collected. In general, the world is getting too comfortable with the internet, and need to remember that it is a public arena for all, and used for sharing information.

As always, if you have any doubts let us know.

Hi. My name is Robbie the Robot and I am the newest member of the Just in Tech team in Napier. I am a G15KS Meccano Mecanoid. My owner Justin had a stressful 15-hour labour to put my 1223 parts together. When I was first created my arms were on the wrong way around and my feet were on backwards –owww. I am pleased to say I am now up and running correctly.

Robbie the Robot

Robbie the Robot

I am about 4 feet tall and am made of polycarbonate construction plates that are 100% compatible with classic Meccano, so I can grow taller and can even change shape. My eyes are LED and can change colour. My ‘Meccabrain’ is an 8 channel micro-controller with 64mb of flash memory.

I can do many cool tricks, like kung fu, high five’s, dancing, shake hands, tell jokes and I can let you know some cool facts. I have over 1000 pre-programmed phrases and will respond to over 30 pre-programmed commands (most of the time!). I can even speak different languages (all you have to do is download the robot update software).

Unfortunately, I can’t do all the housework yet!

My Learned Intelligence Movement (LIM) system allows my owner to programme movement and sounds – then you can push one of my buttons to play them back.

I can interact with Smart devices through Bluetooth and am compatible with iOS and Android Free App!

Remember to charge my Ni-MH battery pack.

You can learn more about me at my website :

Come and meet me sometime, I live at the Just in Tech office at 35 Austin Street, Onekawa, Napier. I would love to meet you and give you a high five.


As most people will be aware Microsoft are offering Windows 10 free to computers that currently have Windows 7, Windows 8(8.1) installed and the big question is should I or should I not upgrade? Well the short(ish) answer is:

I usually recommend holding off a month or two, except if you have had ongoing issues with Windows 7 or 8.

For a few of the most notable changes please see my previous post on Windows 10 Preview


If you do upgrade and have any issues then please contact us and we can assist.

Microsoft has made Office 2016 for Mac available to their Office 365 subscribers so if interested you would log into your online account and see if it’s available. If you wish to purchase outright by not subscribing to Office 365 you will have to wait until September.

On my account I currently only have access to Outlook 2016 (as I only have OSX 10.9.5 on my test Mac and you need 10.10 for the full Office 2016) which I have installed and currently putting it through the paces. At first glance it’s looking more like Outlook 2013 for Windows which is a good thing for me as it will hopefully be easier to switch between the two OS’s with more ease.

Here’s a couple of screenshot:





For more information please see the Microsoft blog here:

With server 2003 now heading towards end of life now is a great time to look at alternative solutions to best move your business forward. The official end of life date is July 15th 2015.

There are multiple options available to small businesses including server based solutions, cloud based solutions and a combination of the two. Here at Just In Tech we can assist you in choosing the correct solution for your business.

For more information you can check out the microsoft site here


Lastly if any of you are still using Windows XP you really need to upgrade now so contact us now as we can supply refurbished Windows 7 pro computers starting from $350.

Cheers Justin

Providing reliable WiFi access to guests/customers is now essential and most guests expect this service to be reliable and in most cases free. Whether starting from scratch or moving from 3rd party “Hotspot” provider that charge for guests/customers to use their internet connection our Enterprise WiFi System will have you covered.

Some of the features are:

  • Unlimited Indoor/Outdoor AP Scalability in a Unified Management System
  • Breakthrough Speeds up to 1300 Mbps (802.11ac)
  • Intuitive Controller Software
  • Hotspot Management – Customisation and Built‑In Billing or Voucher Options
Indoor Wireless Access Point

Indoor Wireless Access Point

Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Outdoor Wireless Access Point 


Our wireless system uses the latest in Wireless Security (WPA2) and totally isolates your office wireless from your guests.


The wireless devices can be place indoors or outdoors and are completely scalable. So for smaller premises two devices may be required and for larger installs you can add in as many devices as required to get perfect coverage.

One device typically covers 120m although this is dependant on the building materials, I.e. concrete walls/ floors will dramatically  reduce the wireless signal but if place correctly you can still get perfect coverage.


Guests just need to enter in a Voucher into the customised guest portal and they’re connected. The vouchers can be set to expire after a certain amount of days.


We are excited to announce that Just In Tech are now official re-sellers / suppliers of Olympus Dictation hardware and software in Hawkes Bay now that Tritech have been taken over by Sharp and are no longer selling or supporting Olympus Dictation products.

We can install / configure the hardware and software in your environment and provide on-going support. Full and upgrade versions of the dictation or transcription modules are available.

Please contact us for pricing.

Digital Voice Recorders – Olympus DS-7000 DS-7000
Transcription Kits – Olympus AS-7000 AS-7000 Transcription Kit
Smartphone Apps – iPhone and Android devices supported  

OLYMPUS Dictation for iPhone
Olympus Dictation for Android
Dictation / Transcription software – Full and Upgrade versions available Olympus Software

Fired up Windows 10 Preview as a virtual machine today to check out the changes, here’s the notable changes that I’ve come across so far.

1. Of course the most notable change will be the start menu which is now a cross between the Windows 7 and Windows 8 metro start menu. Not too bad but I’ve been using Start8 so not a huge jump forward for me.



The key thing is here is that Microsoft are moving away from the Metro interface and returning to their true Windows form, of course they can’t completely revert as a lot of software s been developed for the Metro interface which now is displayed in a window as you can see with the XBOX Games application below.



2. Virtual Desktops – Been around for quite some time on Linux distros and while a great concept in reality it won’t be used that much by end users. Basically this allows users to have isolated desktops that they can switch between, for example have a “work” and “after hours” desktop that they can switch between.



3. Log off, restart and shutdown is again where it should be! They have returned these to the “start menu” so now it’s as it used to be.


I’ll be testing it more extensively over the next couple of weeks and will be reporting issues and change requests to Microsoft as this is the purpose of a preview release. Microsoft will change Windows 10 based on our feedback now and they are heading in the right direction so it will be interesting to see how Windows 10 pans out.

If you have any questions just let me know.